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Coopers Auto Body - Plastic Bumper Repairs

Plastic Bumper Repairs

Scuffs, chips and scrapes on your plastic bumpers are unsightly and will inevitably devalue your vehicle. Coopers Auto Body can repair your bumper cracks using plastic welding and plastic bonding techniques and equipment.

All plastic bumper repairs undertaken by Coopers Auto Body will be as strong as the original pre-damaged one, but you can be assured that if your bumper IS identified as unrepairable because it will reduce its effectiveness, then we will inform you of this and recommend a replacement - we will not undertake any repairs where those repairs will cause your car to be dangerous.

So before you look at a complete bumper replacement for your vehicle, give Coopers Auto Body a call to see how we can help by repairing and respraying your bumper rather than an expensive replacement.

Plastic Bumper Repair Gallery

The picture gallery below shows some of our plastic bumper repairs and techniques...

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