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Coopers Auto Body - Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a reputable car body repairer is a daunting task - get it wrong and it may not be immediately apparent but problems may manifest themselves several weeks later, after you've paid the bill!

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions that will help you to make the best choice for your vehicle's repair - Coopers Auto Body of Rotherham!

Can you offer me an "online quote" if I e-mail you a picture of the damage?

Online quoting - especially for vehicle body repairs - can most often be misleading. Here at Coopers Auto Body we prefer that you call into our premises so that we can inspect your car and give you a more accurate quote, as quite often there may be underlying vehicle damage that is not obvious from any photos you may send us. Even with surface damage it is often difficult to estimate the work involved from a photo as lighting quite often distorts the picture.

Therefore, rather than waste your time and potentially mislead you on costs, we will be happy to look at your vehicle and give you a free, no obligation repair quote if you call into our premises no appointment times necessary!

I've seen websites that offer "Online Quoting" so why don't you?
You will most probably find that all the websites you find can only give you a rough estimate of the cost of vehicle repairs and as specified above misleading you! It is simply not possible to give an accurate, exact cost without physically inspecting your vehicle. However, this may be advantageous or disadvantageous as costs may be less than you think if the damage can be repaired without replacement parts.
How long will my repair take?
How long it takes to repair your vehicle is obviously dependent upon the extent of damage and availability of parts where required. We will be able to give you a more accurate time estimate and book your vehicle in for repair when you call in to discuss your repair requirements.
Do you offer a repair guarantee against rust, and if so, how long for?
We offer a rust guarantee on original manufacturers' OEM vehicle panels - but obviously this would depend on nothing causing additional damage and therefore rust afterwards eg. stone chips breaking through the surfaces.
Do I have to know my exact car's original colour code? Where would I find this?
No Coopers Autos have a comprehensive database of major car manufacturer's original colour codes to ensure that any repairs we carry out are seamless.
Will the repair colour match seamlessly?
We have the ability to blend the repair paint using our own paint mixing scheme in order to make the repair as seamless as possible.
I've found car repairers offering much cheaper dent repairing than Coopers?
At Coopers Autos we ensure that ALL our repairs and paint work are carried out to the highest standard! We don't just fill dents and spray blend the dent into surrounding existing paint work as this will invariably be noticeable, bringing attention to the repair and devaluing your car! We ensure that all dents are professionally "pulled", restoring the dented panel naturally wherever possible.
I'm selling my car and just want a quick respray or "blow over" can you help?
No Coopers Autos are professional vehicle body repairers and do not offer "quick fixes". All our paint work projects benefit from professional and comprehensive preparation work where we will completely remove any glass and trim from panels (not simply "tape up") wherever appropriate, and respray/bake in our purpose-built paint system ovens to ensure a quality, hardwearing vehicle respray job.
Can you repair any vehicle damage?
Mostly, Yes. Most damage can be repaired but this will always depend on the point of impact and the extent of the underlying damage, and also whether the car is then deemed irreparable or dangerous.
Do you always use dealer replacement parts?
Generally Yes, as they offer far better fit and finish, but sometimes we are able to source good quality used parts which can be cheaper than dealer replacement parts. Where this is possible then we will obviously pass these savings on to you and this is reflected in your quote.
Are plastic bumper repairs safe?
Yes - any plastic bumper repairs undertaken by Coopers Auto will be as strong as the original pre-damaged one. Where a bumper IS identified as unrepairable as it will reduce the effectiveness, we will inform you of this and recommend a replacement - we will not undertake any repairs where those repairs will cause your car to be dangerous.
Why should I be bothered whether you use a low bake oven or not?

A low bake oven is a specially designed area for car paint spraying as it is a stable and dust free area which maintains a constant air temperature and filters out paint gas emissions, promoting an ideal environment for that perfect, glossy, paint job ....with no dust particles that can settle on, and spoil the final finish!"

A low bake oven will also ensure that your new paintwork is extremely tough, and therefore will last longer, as it hardens (bakes) the paint onto the primed metal surfaces of the car.

If you're getting a car paintwork quote from anyone who DOESN'T use a low bake oven, then be very careful as it's not possible for them to provide you with the quality of paint work that we can! As with all things in life - you get what you pay for..... can probably see many examples of cars that have been resprayed WITHOUT using a low bake oven - these will be noticeable by the dull finish that inherently appears a few weeks after the respray!

All our satisfied customers still have showroom finish cars years after we've resprayed their cars - so, is your car worth it?

Hopefully, these FAQs answer the majority of your questions, but please contact us or call in to speak to us if you have any other queries about your car repair requirements.

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